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we just wanted to keep it pure, because they’ve been like abscent from the scene for a while. so we talked to the guys and when they’re back they want an image of just doing music. so this, I think, is one of the purest ways: by using just the piano and the voice. one of the purest way of doiung, creating and loving music.

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THTV 2014, teaser of episode 7: Girls and Guns [airs September 24th]

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ToHo  +  Urban  Dictionary  definitions

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let’s do this!

let’s dthis!

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Can you PLEASE not be so beautiful, I’m on the verge of begging at this point…

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Tom: the photographer can make this part bigger

Bill: it shouldn’t be any bigger..

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Tokio Hotel Meet & Greet - Oslo, Norway (03.03.2010)

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